You’ve been selected as the athletic director for one of the following universit

You’ve been selected as the athletic director for one of the following universities (you pick!). Write a 6-8 page paper (Times New Roman, double-spaced, 12 inch) in which you identify the important aspects that you will consider in your first year at the university. Address how you will approach the following, based on knowledge you have culminated throughout the class: Leadership and management, compliance and Title IX, Academics, Eligibility, and Life Skills, Media Relations, Financial Operations, Marketing, Sponsorship, Facility and Event Management, Alumni Relations and Development, and Support Services. Be specific and provide detail. Incorporate 6 sources (1 can be your textbook). Choose one of the following scenarios and an applicable university.
• NCAA Division I university, FBS, with a 2-10 football team, commuter campus (students aren’t around much to attend games) and is on probation due to an NCAA violation in recruiting.
• NCAA Division II university with a history of success in women’s volleyball and men’s wrestling, but lack of athletic success in football and women’s basketball. You are short staffed in your athletic offices
• NCAA Division III university which is a powerhouse in men’s hockey, cannot provide athletic scholarships (obviously) and sponsors 24 different sports.
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