Your final paper will be due on the date and time of our final exam. The final p

Your final paper will be due on the date and time of our final exam. The final paper is meant to
give you the opportunity to integrate in a summative and thoughtful way some of what we
have covered and experienced together during this spring semester. Consider all that we’ve
covered and talked about and share with us those conclusions that are most significant and
important to you. We want you to tell us what identity means to you, and how your new
understandings of difference and diversity have influenced how you view yourself, now that
you’ve taken this course. Think back over the semester and review what you’ve learned about
identity and the intersectionality that influences how we view difference, “normalcy” and
variation, diversity in social and cultural contexts, the impact of inequalities, and how we define
our personal identity. These papers should be the most reflective and reflexive papers of your
First Year Inquiry experience. You may approach this assignment in a number of different ways,
addressing the question of what is identity, and how is it influenced by notions of normalcy,
difference, ability/disability, and diversity? You may choose to articulate your thoughts on
identity in an intellectual way, reviewing how identity can be framed, expressed, interpreted,
and experienced, drawing on what you’ve learned during the semester. Or, you may choose to
write a more personal account discussing your own views about yourself and your personal
identity including how they have evolved/developed over the course. Either way you should
use specific examples from the course to demonstrate how those experiences (reading,
presentations, and the like) have affected you – your understanding of identity and how that
has impacted the way you see yourself and others. The papers should be 5 to 7 pages long and
are due during our final exam time.

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