You’ll need an interview, or more likely, a series of interviews with your parti

You’ll need an interview, or more likely, a series of interviews with your participant to collect the depth of information required to complete this assignment. Once you collect the data, you’ll write a story of this person’s life from a developmental psychology perspective. First, you’ll thoroughly explore their physical, cognitive, and socioemotional development throughout their lifetime. Second, you will tell the person’s life story in terms of how they developed.
An equally important aspect of this assignment is connecting their story to the course’s theories and milestones of development. The best way to achieve both of these requirements is to integrate the developmental theories into the story. For example, you might want to discuss Piaget’s formal operational stage when assessing your participant’s adolescent years. The story aspect and the theoretical aspect are worth the same number of points, so your paper should evenly cover both aspects. The paper needs to be a minimum of eight but not more than ten pages. In addition, you will need a minimum of five scholarly references as part of the paper requirements. For the credible sources you use in your paper, you’ll use APA 7 formatting and style for their in-text citations and the reference citations as you’d find on an APA 7 References page.

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