You will respond to the prompt with a six to seven paragraph essay response (you

You will respond to the prompt with a six to seven paragraph essay response (your essay should have an introduction, four to five body paragraphs, and a conclusion). In order to do well on the essay, your essay should have a clear, argumentative thesis statement that addresses the overall aim of the prompt. You must utilize specific examples drawn from the assigned films/videos, primary source documents/readings, and discussion boards. At a minimum, each essay must include examples from at least 2 assigned film and 2 assigned primary source documents. Remember, you may NOT use any outside material beyond assigned materials in this course. Do not forget to cite your sources; refer to When and How to Quote and Cite.
Essay Prompt:
Don’t forget that your essay must include examples from at least 2 different assigned films and 2 different assigned primary source documents.
Describe the conditions in the post-Gold Rush years that lead to the Chinese Exclusion Act. Why was the Chinese Exclusion Act so historically significant?
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Essay Format/ Submission Requirements
Your essay needs to have:
• complete bibliography
• intext citations for both quoted and paraphrased materials (at a minimum there is a citation at the end of each paragraph excluding introduction and conclusion)
• page numbers
• 12pt font
• 1 inch margins
• double spaced page
• Essay submitted as a .doc, .docx, .pdf, or .rtf. If you’re using pages or google docs, you need to save your file as a .pdf or .rtf file.
◦ The format for your one document will be like this:
▪ Title Page w/ your title, name, date, and 2 statements on it (see statements below)
▪ Essay
▪ Bibliography for Essay
• When you submit your essay, take a screen shot showing that your essay has been submitted and keep for your own records.
• Please read through and include the two statements below on your title page. If you do NOT include these statements, I will not accept or grade your essay. Be certain you have read the statements through as you are held accountable for them. They are required as a way to force you to read and follow directions, and also as a way to ensure that you fully understand the consequences of both intentional and unintentional plagiarism.
Statement 1: “I have read the Ohlone College plagiarism and cheating policy included in the syllabus. If I found anything unclear in the Plagiarism and Cheating portion of the assignment directions or the syllabus, I have emailed Professor McCarty for further clarification. I submit these essays understanding fully what constitutes cheating/ plagiarism, including that looking at any materials not assigned for this course (like googling for information) is considered cheating. I understand that using a translator is considered cheating. I also understand that any incidents of plagiarism/cheating on these essays will be construed as intentional efforts to cheat and result in my failing and being sent to the Vice President for additional sanctions from the college, including possible expulsion. I also understand that if I am aware of a classmate cheating or attempting to cheat and do I not come forward, regardless of whether or not I responded to or was involved in the cheating incident itself, I will be considered complicit in cheating and earn a 0 on the essay.”
Statement 2: “I have double checked my essays to ensure that I have a title page, a complete bibliography for each essay, page numbers, 1″ margins, 12- point font, and citations in EVERY paragraph for both quoted information AND paraphrased information. I have also read through the ‘When and How to Quote and Cite’ materials we covered week 1 to ensure that I have cited correctly, and if I was unclear on how to cite I have used the guides provided or contacted Professor McCarty for assistance. I have also read through the ‘Common Writing Errors’ section of the assignment directions as well to ensure that I am not making any of those common writing errors, including writing paragraphs that run more than 1/2-3/4 of a double spaced page or include more than one major idea. Lastly, I have included the minimum required examples (examples from 1 film and 1 primary source document) in each essay.”

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