you will need to discuss: – How and why you chose to express your knowledge with

you will need to discuss: – How and why you chose to express your knowledge with your project Here is this portion just copy and paste: “I chose to do my project on octopus camouflage. I used to be a swimmer when I was younger, so I have always been obsessed with water. I love the ocean and when I learned about all the different creatures that exist down there I became so amazed by them. When I was in middle school I remember my teacher showed us a video about cuttlefish which is a type of cephalopod. I thought it was so cool that they could change color to defend themselves or catch prey. I had never seen an animal do that before so I was immediately captivated by this animal. When I was reading about this project in our class, I saw that octopus camouflage was an option. Since octopus are a type of cephalopod I wanted to see if the octopus also had any cool abilities like changing color, and it turns out they are just as interesting.” – How it relates to your topic – Other information about your topic to show that you have learned a substantial amount and worked hard on this project – Your paper should be well-written and edited – You may include original pictures and/or images but may NOT contain images from outside sources – Your paper must be typed and submitted as a .doc or .docx file type – Your paper will need to be well referenced – including in-text citations and a references page – NO quotes longer than 2 lines are allowed – Your paper will need to contain references to show that you’ve done your research! – 5 references total at a minimum, 3 of which must be from legitimate sources (such as journals, books, etc. – not Wikipedia or WebMD, for example) – You will need to format your references in APA 7. – Your references page should start at the top of a new page – The word References should be centered and bolded – Put your references in alphabetical order, in APA 7 format

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