You may structure your paper according to the following questions: (a) What are

You may structure your paper according to the following questions: (a) What are the most
important concepts, principles, and/or frameworks that you learned during this course (b) Which
of these concepts, principles, and/or frameworks are most relevant for your current career goals?
(c) What content from this course has made an impact on you professionally over the past 10
weeks? and (d) how will you approach professional situations and challenges differently as a
result of learning from this course?
• As you answer these questions, please be as specific as possible. Write specifically about how
you would apply a certain concept, principle, framework, or key finding to a specific situation or
organizational context. You are encouraged to discuss any aspect of the course—readings, class
discussions, guest speakers, videos, presentations, exercises, and so on.
• The important grading criteria for this paper (summarized below) include application and
specificity. Your success in this paper will depend not only on how well you demonstrate an
understanding of concepts, principles, and frameworks but also on how well you can apply them
to your current and/or future career context and real-world situations.
• The writing guidelines for the final paper are as follows:
o Typed, double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font
o APA style citations and references
o Approximately 8–10 pages in length (excluding cover page, references, appendices,
etc.). Students will submit their paper via the Assignments link in our course site.
• The paper submission deadline is Lesson 14. Late papers will not be accepted.

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