You may analyze the depiction of child characters and by extension, the state of

You may analyze the depiction of child characters and by extension, the state of childhood, in any live action film intended for adults or children. Part of your analysis might contrast the way children are depicted with the way adults are portrayed. Recall that our discussion about children in film has depended on the knowledge that any depiction of children/childhood in a film is always a construction imagined by adults. Thus, your analysis should not assess whether you believe the film’s depiction of children is “true to life,” but needs to clearly explain the way that the adult filmmakers have chosen to engage childhood. Arguably, these movies say more about what adults want children to be and how adults choose to remember childhood than about actual children. For this essay, you should utilize all the readings and ideas we have been engaging throughout the semester so far can provide .
Film being analyzed is Billy Madison
The film is based on how Billy (Adam Sandler) is a spoiled rich kid who lives off his dad, his father is seeking to retire. He is opting in not giving Billy the family business, but Billy finds a way to strike a deal with his father. He must repeat grades first through twelfth in order to inherit the business and not let his father’s co-worker take the business. The whole concept of Billy being placed back into school from elementary, middle and then high school. It represents in every grade how the children act and respond to Billy being in the classroom with them. At one point in the film he even returns back to his elementary friends and tells them how awful high school is and to never grow up. That is a part of growing up in school that we all wished we could stay in an easier setting once we realize how challenging school can really be even when we put in all our efforts.
I think this film is perfect for how adults portray children and create their characters’ actions.
You must use at least three (3) sources, two of which must be acquired through a database and be a peer reviewed article
One source can be from the following reading provided
MLA format citation
annotated bibliography as well for the three sources
In 2-3 sentences, summarize the main points/argument of the source (must be entirely your words–do not quote unless there it is a fundamental term that cannot be expressed otherwise)
In 3-4 sentences, explain how you are going to use it in your essay.
1300-1600 words
Research Paper Guidelines
Important: Remember that I am not asking you to write a traditional research paper on the making of a film, for example, or on the career of an actor. To answer the prompt, you must write an analytical, argumentative essay (just like the other papers you’ve written for this class). The research should enhance and support your critical analysis of the film. Therefore, make sure each paper you read is driven by detailed analysis of—not facts about—the film.
The introductory paragraph should:
orient the reader to the main concepts important to your analysis (try to avoid broad sweeping generalizations and avoid “hooks” that might be pleasant but do not contribute to the critical analysis of the film)
introduce the film and briefly provide any background information pertinent to the paper
state a thesis that accurately reflects the body paragraphs of the paper
Body paragraphs should:
Have a topic sentence that introduces the focus of the paragraph and provides a transition from the previous paragraph. Thus, the paragraph should have a singular focus; it should be making one main point.
Provide convincing analysis that goes beyond simply explaining the plot of the film. Instead, there must analysis of details (e.g. sound effects, sets, music, costumes, a character’s appearance/personality, dialogue, etc.) to support their claims.
Strive to make the conclusion contain more than a simple restating of the main points of the paper. You might leave the reader with something to contemplate and to take away from the paper.
Attached example essay – dark crystal
attached example of annotated bibli

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