You are expected to:<<• Critically evaluate performance management as st

You are expected to:<
• Critically evaluate performance management as strategic part of HRM in organisations <
• Critically discuss performance appraisal highlighting common challenges with the performance appraisal of employees<
• Critically analyse various critiques of performance management providing recommendations to organisations <
Please note that a good essay goes beyond mere description of HRM strategy and practices to evidence-based critical analysis of the academic literature and organisational practices<
• Read the relevant lecture slides on Performance Management on Blackboard<
• Read chapter 12 “Performance Management” in the recommended textbook: Beardwell, J. and Thompson, A. (2017) Human Resource Management: A Contemporary Approach, 8th edition. Harlow: Pearson (available as an electronic copy in the DMU library)<
• Read chapter 11 (Performance Management) in Bach, S. and Edwards, M. (2013), Managing Human Resources: Human Resource Management in Transition, 5th edition. Chichester: John Wiley & Sons (available as an electronic copy in the DMU library)<
• Read good quality academic journal articles on performance management in HRM<

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