Written Portion (45 points): Research the position of your now assumes in the cu

Written Portion (45 points):
Research the position of your now assumes in the customers’ mind. Tell me about the features (i.e. is it historic? is it known for something? what is its current demographic? is it close to some natural resource or feature? etc). After telling me this, give me an overview of your hometown’s current recreation offering and the role of the park and recreation department. Use the following steps to help guide your work:
Step 1: Introduction (10 Points)
Tell me about your hometown.
What are the demographics?
What are the current issues?
What are your hometown’s desirable features (i.e. is it close to water/the mountains?
After telling me about your hometown, identify and research your hometown parks and recreation organization. Tell me about the position it currently operates in the consumer’s mind. Use the following questions as a guide:
What is their focus?
What are the programs/events/actions that make you think this is the case?
Who are the customers they tend to focus on?
Are they inclusive?
Are their programs meeting the needs of everyone in the community
How do they market to these customers?
Is there product superior or different from other alternatives?
Is there anything unique about the places the participants consume the product?
What are their price points? Is this a selling point?
What promotions are they running? What are they not doing
Step 2: Repositioning Strategies (20 points)
Using the information on repositioning to develop a strategy to begin to change the position of your hometown using parks and recreation as the catalyst.
Here, choose at least 3 of the 7 strategies posed in the chapter on Economic Development (e.g. attracting tourists, attracting businesses, etc). I attached the reading.
Once chosen, tell me both why you believe this would be effective and how you would integrate a marketing strategy for each of the repositioning strategies
Your marketing strategy for each of the repositioning items should include a breakdown of each of the 4 P’s we discussed in class. (product, price, place, promotion)
For example, if you focus on attracting tourists, What promotions will you run? What media will you use? How will you distinguish your product from others? How will you set prices? Will these prices be set differently for different groups?
Step 3: Conclusion (10 Points)
In your conclusion, summarize your repositioning strategy and identify which of the chosen strategies they believe should be prioritized. Why?
Sources (5 Points)
Your summary should be approx 4-6 pages and include an introduction, a clear indication of each of the three strategies (use headers), and a short conclusion. Include at least 5 outside sources cited APA format (hint: look at what other cities are doing and what partnership you may be able to form to help you with your strategy).
You may use bullet points to tease out your main strategies, however, if you use bullets, make sure you have an introductory paragraph for each strategy explaining how to came to this conclusion.
If your county runs the parks and recreation department or your hometown fails to have a parks and recreation department, apply the strategy to a nearby location.
Presentation (30 points)
Using the information you gathered from your research, you should create a presentation using Spark that could be used to communicate these findings to a town council, board of directors, organizational leaders, etc. The presentation should:
(1) Tell me what the current strategy is and why you believe it can be improved
(2) Detail the 3 strategies you selected as well as the marketing mix associated with each strategy.
(3) Communicate which of the strategies you believe could be the most effective and why.In Spark, you may either create a story page (scrolling) or a video presentation (this is preferable).
To access Sparks in the Adobe Creative Cloud (a free service for you) simply click on the following link:
*For the presentation, I do not need your sources as they will be cited in the paper*
You can use my hometown San Luis Arizona or you can do your hometown if it is easier.

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