Select ONE of the following topics to discuss for Writing Assignment 2. The writing assignment should be a minimum of 750 words. You should use information from the textbook and outside sources to complete the assignment in the textbook. You must include a Works Cited page and in-text citations. See the Writing Assignment Instructions for more information.
1.  First, in no more than 50 words provide one policy change that you would attempt to make if you were to be selected to serve in the House of Representatives. (You may want to quickly review the section on policy in the textbook to make sure you are actually looking at a policy rather than something else).  Next, discuss the challenges you would face in getting your policy approved.  Whom would you need to convince in order to move your policy change into law?  Do you feel you could be successful?
2.  Recent demographic shifts have raised alarms about the viability of American democracy.  One concern is that population shifts from (mostly white) rural states to (increasingly ethnically diverse) urban states, combined with growing American polarization, provides an unfair advantage to the Republican Party in the Senate and the Presidency.  Discuss the rules for picking the President and allocating power in the United States Senate.  Explain the source of these concerns, and discuss whether or not you agree with them.  Do you feel that this could lead to future political instability?  Prevent it?
3.  Read .   How does the United States rank in voter turnout when compared to other developed democracies?  According to your textbook, what are some of the causes of low voter turnout in the United States?  Do you think it is important to have a high voter turnout? Why or why not? Discuss at least two ways to increase voter turnout. You should discuss proposals that are either being used in some states (or other countries) or have been proposed by voting rights advocates seeking to increase turnout in the United States. How successful have these proposals been at increasing turnout?  Would these proposals actually increase turnout around the U.S. or would people resist the proposals you have discussed?  Why or why not?

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