Writers Choice

·         Write a final research proposal (approximately10 pages)


·         Identify a researchable topic relevant to public service, appropriate for your EMPA capstone research project

·         prepare a timeline/Gantt chart showing the major steps that you anticipate using in your project.


·         Explain the purpose and significance of the proposed research.


·         Write the abstract for your final research paper.


·         Write the introduction for your research paper (1 – 2 pages).


·         Write a narrative that explains and defends your choice of a topic for a research project.


·         Write a narrative that identifies the main research question, hypothesis, or assumption.


·         Collect and organize scholarly and practitioner articles under themes relating to your assumptions.


·         Develop a Theory of Change statement, and related sub-assumptions for your research design.

·         Operationalize concepts and terminology important to your research topic.


·         Develop data collection instrumentation (e.g., survey, interview guide, etc.).


·         Develop a research methods chapter demonstrating how primary data will be collected and analyzed.


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