Write an essay or produce a video script to develop an argument on the following

Write an essay or produce a video script to develop an argument on the following topic. In the era of big data, people are increasingly concerned about what kind of data is being collected about them, by which method, and who is using it for what purpose. Consider the key question posed regarding mass communication in a digital age: Do digital ICTs serve the interests of the Canadian public (democracy) or the ‘free market’ (capitalist profits)? Do digital networks and big data strengthen democratic participation or do they reinforce structures of domination? Furthermore, what are some of the impacts of algorithms of oppression, the datafication of everything, the internet of things, and increased surveillance including dataveillance? Consider who benefits from the increase in big data and who is excluded from civic life, including where we see the effects of power being exercised in ways that do not create equality. What is the role of whistleblowers, who can see behind these big data structures and mechanisms to reveal to the public what is really going on? Are people such as Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, Julian Assange, and Chris Wylie heroes and saviours or are they a security risk to our societies? Pick a specific issue such as algorithms, datafication, whistleblowers, dataveillance, etc. and analyze it in detail.
The paper or video should make specific reference to (i.e. directly cite) concepts from Chapter 6 “Communication, Technology, and Society” and/or Chapter 10 “Journalists as Content Producers,” and other course concepts from the lectures.
In addition, you will do research in the scholarly journal databases and find at least one recent (2010 +) peer-reviewed journal article that provides one or more key concepts, ideas, explanations, or theoretical frameworks that can help you to think through and develop your ideas and build an argument. Two or more direct quotations from the article must be used in the paper, and explained in your own words, to develop and support your argument. It must have a clear thesis statement.

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