Write a paper reviewing the main arguments of the book on interfaith dialogue an

Write a paper reviewing the main arguments of the book on interfaith dialogue and offering your own analysis of the merits of and problems with the author’s arguments. The paper should be 5-10 pages, properly formatted, and should have separate sections for what the book or article says and your analysis of its arguments.
The final paper is due XXXX. You have the option of doing writing the paper iteratively. Turn it in early, send me an email so I know it is there, I will grade it and get it back to you with suggestions of how to make it stronger, and you can improve it if you would like and turn it in again. Your final grade will be the best one achieved.
Here are some questions you should consider addressing in your paper. Not every question is appropriate to every source, so you need to make a judgment call.
What is the purpose of this work? What is it trying to accomplish?
What are its main arguments?
Are the arguments persuasive?
From what viewpoint does the author come from?
Does the author treat all viewpoints with equal respect, or does the work seem biased in a certain direction?
Would or do others disagree with the author’s conclusions?
Do the religious views expressed seem accurate as you have come to understand these religions?
Some people believe that “all religions are basically the same” while others believe that different religions are completely distinct from each other and incommensurate. Where along this spectrum is this author, and do you agree with this view?
Who is this written for?

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