Write a paper analyzing a MAJOR problem facing society in reference to the proli

Write a paper analyzing a MAJOR problem facing society in reference to the proliferation of gangs. Some examples might be the use and distribution of drugs, other crimes that gangs are involved with, prison gangs, youth gangs, the growing influence of female gangs, socioeconomic factors affecting gangs or racial issues with gangs. These are just a few examples, you may come up with something else.
Your introduction should introduce, define, and summarize the topic. It should include a clear statement of the problem or issue of concern. You will also be expected to discuss a theoretical framework for your issue and be certain to include its relevance to the issue or problem.
The body of the paper must include a summary of several current research articles and a proposed solution for the problem. It may also include your evaluation of the effectiveness of these solutions (as long as you can support your position with data).
You should have a minimum of 5 credible sources. Let me be clear, I mean peer-reviewed journal articles or research papers published by a credible source. You may also include media sources if you would like to highlight the differences between the media and research accounts, but they media sources will not be counted in your 5 minimum sources.
Your paper should be a minimum of 10 pages. It should be 12-point font with double spacing and 1-inch margins. Please use APA format and make sure all citations are proper.

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