Who’s who assignment

Whos Who in American Education EDU 486 (

Research the following educators/historical figures. Please focus on the major contributions the individual has made to the field of education. You only need to write a brief summary of each (1-to-2 sentences)

Horace Mann

Maria Montessori

Ralph Tyler

Friedrich Froebel

John Dewey

Booker T. Washington

Jane Addams

Benjamin Bloom

W. E. B. DuBois

Ella Flagg Young

Noah Webster

4. Research the following and briefly outline the major contributions of each to education in the 21st century. Write a brief summary of each.

Adler, Banks, Berliner, Collins, Comer, Cuban, Darling-Hammond, Edelman, Eisner, Glasser, Goodlad ,Greene, Hirsch, Escalante, Freire, Gardner, Illich, Kohl, Kounin, Kozol, Nieto, Noddings, Slavin, Sizer, Tolliver, Tomlinson, Wiggins, McTighe

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