Which event in the history of Western Civilization (that was covered in this cla

Which event in the history of Western Civilization (that was covered in this class) do you think had the most significant impact (positive or negative) on the development of the world? ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY Please submit the topic you will be writing about for your final paper along with an Annotated Bibliography for review. Format your annotated bibliography as identified in this website (Links to an external site.) or this website (Links to an external site.). You are required to use your text from the class in your Annotated Bibliography, as well as, three other sources. At least one of the other sources MUST be a primary source (Links to an external site.). Look to the additional resources for Today, you will find locations on the internet where you can find primary sources. THAT MEANS YOU NEED FOUR SOURCES IN TOTAL! Example of an Annotated Bibliography Entry: McKay, John P., et al. A History of Western Society. Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2017. This source is a textbook. It will help me write my paper by providing me with the needed background information on the subject. While it is not a deep analytical dive into the content of the subject, it is useful in giving me cursory information that can be useful in my dissection of the text. I will mainly be focusing on the content from chapters 15 and 16, as my paper deals with exploration of the new world, but portions of the entire text may be cited.

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