Week 6: Revising and Editing As we begin the final week of class, take a moment

Week 6: Revising and Editing
As we begin the final week of class, take a moment to congratulate yourself for the hard work you’ve put in and for the progress you’ve made! Think about the skills you have spent 6 weeks building, and how these practices can continue even beyond our course. The skills of scholarly writing can be learned, practiced, and polished as we develop our practices each and every day.
Thoughout our course, we’ve explored ways to interact with research and create strong arguments and effective paragraphs. We’ve also worked on receiving feedback from others. This week, let’s look for specific ways to incorporate feedback and revise our writing. Check out this video for tips and tricks on using feedback as you revise.
This week, we’ll explore revising and editing, looking for those places where our writing can be more clear and precise. We’ll also step back and take a broader view of what resources and strategies you’ve found helpful this term so that you can “collect them” for future use and share them with other writers. We will also think about our individual contributions throughout the past 6 weeks, and you’ll have the opportunity to reflect up, and discuss, your contributions to our scholarly community.
Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll do this week, and how it will benefit you:
Week 6 Discussion: “Revising and the MEAL Plan”
Practice revising a paragraph based on feedback
Practice putting the MEAL Plan together
Week 6 Assignment: “Contributions and Reflection”
Reflect on your contributions to our scholarly community
Think of ways to use course skills in future endeavors

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