Week 5 Immunity and Probiotics We have all heard about the variety of foods that

Week 5 Immunity and Probiotics
We have all heard about the variety of foods that claim to improve our health in some way or another. Of keen interest is to improve our immune system by consuming certain foods. A key term that has come into use is Probiotics. Yogurt, especially those that state, active live cultures, claim to boost our immune system but are these claims true? Are the advertising and marketing of these products true to their claims?
Immunity is not a single or simple process but a complex and ever changing system. In order to better understand what or if super foods exist that could potentially improve immunity, it is necessary to address what part of the immune system these foods might exert any effect. Is it possible to eat a food or foods that enhance our immunity? Are there any scholarly studies to support such claims?
Review Chapters 17 and 18 of your textbook for a review of Innate and Adaptive Host Defenses.
And then visit Harvard Health Publication
The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
For this discussion, choose ONE of the following products. Each of them claim they are probiotic. Do some research on it to determine if it has any scientific validity or if the probiotic key word is a marketing strategy used to get attention and boost sales.
Research and Support your post.
Choose only ONE
Topic 1. Activia- Federal Trade Commission
Topic 2. Kimchi- Does kimchi Lactobacilli survive the stomach acid?
Topic 3. Kefir- Frontiers in Microbiology
Topic 4. Kombucha- NCBI Pubmed
Compose your post to address the following questions:
– What part of immunity or our immune system might probiotics exert an effect, if any?
– Explain the proposed mechanism(s) of how probiotics work?
– Does one have to buy a special brand of the products for it to work?
– You only chose one of the topics, but what is the common denominator from all of them (it’s a microbe)?

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