Week 2: Technology Briefing Using the readings presented in Week 2 and additiona

Week 2: Technology Briefing
Using the readings presented in Week 2 and additional research on your own, prepare a list of 3 to 5 recommendations for how block chain technologies can be used to reduce risk in financial transactions. Your analysis should include the use of blockchains to uncover (detect) money laundering and other crime related financial transactions similar to those which were discovered at Island Banking Services. Remember to use the 4 risk treatment strategies as discussed in CCISO Domain 1 Section 6.
Format your recommendations as a briefing paper that includes an introduction, your analysis of the benefits of blockchain technologies in reducing risk, your recommendations (with explanations), and a closing or summary paragraph. You should have at least 5 strong paragraphs in your briefing paper. Include citations and references (3 or more) to support your written work.
Post your briefing paper in the body of a response to this thread. After you have done so, post two critiques and two or more follow-up or reply postings. Remember that your goal in writing critiques is to help your peer improve the content of his or her briefing paper. Writing critiques also helps you to develop your managerial skills (i.e. providing written feedback).

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