Using Connell’s theory of gendered social embodiment to investigate gender relat

Using Connell’s theory of gendered social embodiment to investigate gender relations For this paper, I want you to use Raewyn Connell’s theoretical framework (her set of concepts and ideas about gender) to study a personal experience or set of interactions you’ve observed that you would like to use this theory to reflect on in a new way. For either option, chose a set of social interactions that take place within the context of a specific institution like a school, family, sports league, restaurant, volunteer organization or workplace. Your challenge is to identify what kinds of gendered patterns appear to influence the way that people interact within this institutional setting. After recording your observations of people interacting, you will use Connell’s concept of gender regime to analyze what you’ve noted. This involves: 1) identifying the different gender identities that appear to be recognized within this institution (see the list of identities I included as a handout if you’re unsure of possible identities to look for) and 2) specifying how the different dimensions Connell discusses– power, economic relations, emotional relations and cultural symbols/meanings– are organized in terms of these gender identities. Some dimensions may be more significant than others depending on the particular case you’ve selected to study. Finally, I’d like you to consider how the dynamics of these social relationships might be shaped by the larger gender order of society. Before you start writing: Select your institution Record your observations of gendered interactions within that institution. This can be from memory or current observation. You want to be sure to include enough detail so that your reader can get a good sense of the interactions that you are analyzing for your paper. This is important because you need to present what happened in enough detail so that your readers can decide for themselves if they agree with how you’ve analyzed the gender relations within this institution. Conduct your analysis of the observations you recorded noting the different gender identities that people in the institution recognized and the gendered patterning of: how authority is distributed and power is exercised who does what kinds of labor and how the rewards from that labor are distributed the emotions displayed as people of different gender identities interact with each other. These can be positive emotions like attraction or admiration, but they can also include negative emotions like disrespect, fear or disdain. The meanings or assumptions associated with people in the different gender categories that seem to underlie how people interact with each other. Decide what your main findings are after reviewing the results of your analysis. Formulate the central thesis of your paper and then outline the following sections* Introduction- introduce your readers to the general research question and the institution that you’re going to discuss. Theoretical section: Present Connell’s theory of gender as a form of social embodiment, including the different dimensions in enough detail so that someone who isn’t familiar with her work can understand it. Also discuss how you will use this framework to analyze your data. Data: Provide a detailed descriptions of the interactions you observed. Analysis and findings. Present the patterns you identified when you analyzed you observations. Be sure to draw from your data to support your claims about gender relations in this setting. Conclusion: In addition to discussing each of the different dimensions of gender Connell identifies, you want to explain how the different patterns across these dimensions impacts the overall dynamics of gender relations within the institution you chose. *A note about how to order of the different sections of your paper. Articles are generally organized in this order, however, if you think your paper would read better if you describe your observations before discussing Connell’s theory of gendered social embodiment and the different dimensions involved, you can reverse sections b and c. Now you can start writing! Don’t forget to proof read your paper before turning it in. Reading it aloud can be an effective way to catch mistakes or awkward sentences. The paper will be due Dec 5th. It should be 5-6 pages long. Be sure to include a list of works cited section that is not included in the number of pages.

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