Use the following question: What are the most important factors that influence t

Use the following question: What are the most important factors that influence the risk management process for information security departments?  
Provide a brief introduction/background to your chosen topic. This section should only be two or three paragraphs. 
Then, state the general problem and the specific problem that you are attempting to solve (i.e. the problem statements).  
Use this general statement:The proposed quantitative study seeks to examine the value of a risk management framework. The general problem to be addressed is the high level of risk facing businesses today which is resulting in stolen intellectual property and financial loss.
Use this specific problem statement: The specific problem to be addressed is the growing concern surrounding cybersecurity attacks and the lack of qualified cybersecurity professionals who are responsible for the protection of sensitive information. 
Next, state the purpose of the study using the phrase, “the purpose of this qualitative study is…”. The purpose statement section should be approximately 100 words for this project – just enough to get an idea of the main purpose for your study, but definitely no more than 250 words. 
Include a section for your research question that will further explain what it is that you are researching. Describe why the quantitative method is the appropriate choice for your study.
Finally, include a brief biblical correlation to your study, using the new king james version of the bible. How does your topic relate to the Bible, and what are some of the biblical truths that may be seen as a result of this study? 
The total submission must be at least 800 words to accurately reflect the problem and purpose of the study. Remember, the problem, the purpose, and the research questions must have context, and must not be merely listed in bullet form. 
This assignment requires a title page and a reference page (abstract not required). There should be a minimum of 5 scholarly sources based in the united states or europe and released within the past 3 years.

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