Use my textbook as one reference: Berger, L. (2018). Talent Management Handboo

Use my textbook as one reference: Berger, L. (2018). Talent Management Handbook (3rd ed.). McGraw Hall India.
Aloha Hospitality, a local hotel, has recently experienced budget cuts that have significantly impacted the training and development area. The Human Resource Department has tasked you to provide a recommendation on what type of employee development (i.e., training, coaching, mentoring) the company should continue to invest in to ensure that customer service by the front line employees maintain high standards.
Compare the benefits and challenges with offering training, coaching, and mentoring.
Provide a recommendation of which one or combination the HR Department should continue to offer and its value it will bring to the front line employees, Aloha Hospitality, and its customers
These papers should be 2-3 pages and written in APA format. A Title Page and Reference Page should be included and does not count towards the 2-3-page requirement. Your paper should include page headers and page numbers, section labels, double-spaced, and use a 12-point Arial or Times New Roman font. All papers should be written using good grammar and supported with reference to the textbook, class lectures, or other scholarly articles. Remember: papers include an introduction, body content, and conclusion.

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