Upon thorough review of the case, you will then answer the six (6) questions bel

Upon thorough review of the case, you will then answer the six (6) questions below:

Build the management-research question hierarchy for this opportunity.
Evaluate the appropriateness of the exploratory stage of the research design.
Evaluate the sampling strategy.
Evaluate the survey:
In terms of structure, what is the quality of this instrument? What improvements would you make?
In terms of measurement questions, are the chosen response strategies appropriate?
Does this instrument meet the needs summarized in the investigative questions noted in your management-research question hierarchy (question 1 above)?
Prepare a preliminary analysis plan for this study. Which variables do you want frequencies on? Why? Which variables do you want to cross-tabulate? Why?
What role could GIS play in this analysis?

It is not sufficient to state your opinions; you must be able to:

demonstrate your understanding of the case study information by accurately explaining the relevant concepts
demonstrate exceptional critical thinking skills
include facts from the case study to support your own position

Your case study analysis is to be a minimum of 2 complete pages in length. Going over the minimum page length requirement is acceptable; however, I am not looking for a 5+ page essay. YOU MUST USE PARAGRAPH HEADINGS!

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