Unit 3 _ Discussion

Interpreting an Oral Assessment
Listening to students read aloud can be very revealing. It can offer the teacher information about how the child thinks when confronted with text. Learning to use oral assessments can offer teachers many insights into the student’s reading strengths as well as those areas where the student needs more support.
During this discussion, you will be examining an Informal Reading Inventory scoring sheet in order to determine the frustration level, instructional level, and independent level of reading for Kelly, a hypothetical student. Open the Informal Reading Inventory scoring sheet(Which is uploaded below). Complete the calculations of the sample IRI and in your post answer the following questions:
1. Explain how you arrived at the Frustration, Instructional, and Independent reading level for Kelly
2. Explain what your next steps would be for Kelly.
3. What else would you want to know and how might you gather that information?

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