To demonstrate your ability to analyze a business scenario and create a “real wo

To demonstrate your ability to analyze a business scenario and create a “real world” database
Assignment: Create a database for a small e-commerce web site. As a minimum, it should include the following entities:
Customer – name, address, city, state, zip, etc.
Inventory – description, category, quantity on hand, unit price, etc.
Order – date, payment info, etc.
OrderDetail – typical shopping cart line items
Supplier – vendor info to include MainPhone, SalesPhone, ShippingPhone, and BillingPhone
StateFees – list of 50 states and the sales tax and shipping costs
Inventory and Supplier start out as a N:M, so you’ll need to fix that
The fee info is: 1) Charge 6.25% tax in Texas 2) Charge 8.25% tax in California, 3) All other states have 0% tax…. and 4) Charge $4 to ship to TX, LA, OK, NM, 5) Charge $8 to ship to AK and HI, and 6) Charge $6 shipping to all other states.
Real databases do not always allow you delete records, so please account for this in your table design
Use the database diagram to ensure that there are no “orphan” tables
As a minimum, You must create Views, Table Functions, or Scalar Functions for the following:
query to produce the extended price (a single value) for a given Order and a given Line Item
query to show all order activity details for a given Customer
query to show the total cost (cost of items + tax + shipping) for a given order
query to show the total sales (in $) for each month
query to show the total sales (in $) for each category of product
create a view to demonstrate the use of each of the functions above
You need to have enough sample data in your database to be able to demonstrate that each query works
Notes: You must provide an MDF file from SQL Server 2017… not a later version!

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