This research evaluates the Infrastructure of Play (IOP) within existing apartme

This research evaluates the Infrastructure of Play (IOP) within existing apartments, and shows how IOP can be better facilitated within existing and new apartments.
What capacity does a house within an apartment building have to adapt to the changing living patterns of its occupants?
How might the usual fixtures in these apartments, like walls for instance, become more like furniture, and adapt to changing living patterns?
I need data and references to support my research
1. Data of increase of population in Australia and the need of building apartment buildings
And the percentage of people who live in apartments in Australia
And the percentage of increase of apartments
2. Who lives in apartments percentage and statistics ( Australia) families ? Couples?
3. How often to they change their apartments and why because it doesn’t give them what they need – the cycle of human life being single and then having kids a One bedroom apartment won’t give them the adapt of that change of having kids and needing more rooms. And if they’re old couple and their kids move out of the apartment they can’t shrink it into a one bedroom.
4. Data why they change their apartment and how often do they do that
5. Data and case studies of size of apartments and how many bedrooms in Australia
6. Apartments currently built in in Australia
And specifically in Newcastle
All the data / statistic/ case studies of apartments and the need of it heading to the future and the that people can’t age currently in those apartments bc with the changes occur in life a human life cycle the apartment doesn’t give us what we need
Single- have kids- grandparent visit- kids move out – kids come back to visit with their kids…..
Covid also has been an eye opining to this bc of everyone trying to work from home and home school they’re are lot of articles taking about that please include that as well
***Please backup everything with references
I have attached a paper similar to my research to understand what I am doing and a Covid article

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