This reaction paper should cover all aspects of hospitality and service that wer

This reaction paper should cover all aspects of hospitality and service that were provided by the restaurant, regardless of service style. Ask yourself the following questions, and answer more if they are missing and it will add to your analysis.
-What is the name and address of the restaurant?
-When did you go?
-Was there a greeting? How was it?
-Was there any communication with the restaurant prior to your dining? If so, how was it?
-What were your impressions as you arrived to the restaurant (parking lot, etc.)
-How was the menu communicated? Did it leave you with questions? Were those questions answered? Describe the menu.
-How was the order taken for your party?
-Did the server/cashier/wait staff make eye contact as your party stated your order(s)?
-Were your orders written down, typed into a device, or memorized? Were they ultimately correct?
-How is food delivered to guests at this restaurant? Describe this in as much detail as you can.
-How were the beverages presented and discussed? If your party ordered alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages, what were they? Did the server/waitstaff make suggestions, or upsell your order?
-Was there additional service or hospitality at the establishment? Was the table crumbed? Tableside guacamole? Drinks refilled as you ate or wine glasses refilled? -How were those services performed?
-Were there problems that arose on your visit? How were they dealt with?
-Would you heap praise on the food, the chefs, the waitstaff?
The reaction paper should be 1.5 -2 pages long, word processed with 1” margins and 12-point Times New Roman font.

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