This is essay is for the IB History Essay. Below is the structure and after that

This is essay is for the IB History Essay. Below is the structure and after that is couple links. 1300 words with in-text Chicago citation. Attached are two files, the first one is like an outline and some work i did prior to the actual writing stage and the other is some notes that you could use if you feel it helps provide insight for the essay.
What is expected in the investigation?
It must answer your question.
It must be structured.
It must contain critical analysis that is focused clearly on the question being investigated.
It must also include a conclusion that the student draws from their analysis.
It must effectively use a range of sources to support the arguments.
What should be included in my introduction?
One paragraph only – approximately 200 words
A brief context to introduce the question.
Set the scene / generate reader interest by establishing why this question was important at the time, and remains relevant today.
Highlight the scope of your question – what will it focus on and what dates you will be covering.
Method – Outline how the essay will be approached, and the main conclusions that will be reached.
State the different historical perspectives that exist in relation to the question.
Do NOT carry out any analysis here.
It must show a range of perspectives and these should be evaluated.
What should be included in my main body?
For structure, there should be a number of paragraphs. These could be thematically or chronologically approached. Each focus section could have a subheading, if suitable.
Approximately 3 to 4 main paragraphs
Each paragraph should have a specific focus, point of view or theme.
Within each paragraph, start with a clear topic sentence which is clearly focused on the question.
Carefully select and properly reference evidence.
Use quotes as necessary, try NOT to use quotes longer than 10 words, or paraphrase, but ensure you footnote or reference all evidence.
Stress the value of the evidence you use, but also acknowledge its limitations, with reference to Origin, Purpose and Content as appropriate.
Try to show more than one perspective. (online book with lots of info) (article with lots of info) (how to write)

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