This is an Argument Essay. Also cite sources, Cite in the body paragraphs, and h

This is an Argument Essay. Also cite sources, Cite in the body paragraphs, and have 5 sources ready. If you want to just add the links i can make the works cited page. I was thinking about it being about Pro covid Vaccines and masks and mandates but if that is too difficult write it about something like that.
Thank you so much:)
Heres the details on the paper and the criteria of what it should look like.
You’ll be making all kinds of arguments in your academic career, and quite possibly in your professional career as well. Why is one course of action better than another? How should particular events or texts or problems be interpreted? What’s the best answer to a given question? With this circumstance in mind, becoming familiar with—and hopefully, better at—this rhetorical genre and skill is what Essay #3 is all about.
An argument is commonly defined as a text that makes a claim supported by reasons and evidence, and your task for Essay #3 is to construct just such a text, one that makes a claim that you arrive at through conscientious research and analysis. To do this effectively, you’ll need to engage with the writing process fully, as you determine your subject matter, sketch out ideas, conduct relevant research, craft your rhetorical approach, hone your prose, and observe the conventions of scholarly citation and documentation.
The topic of your argumentative essay is up to you, but it should be meaningful to a general American audience, one that might logically care about or be affected by how the issue is decided in the future. Also, as best you can, consider topics that meet the following criteria:
The topic interests you.
You have some personal connection to the topic, some experience or knowledge pertaining to it that gives you a sense of investment in what you’re saying.
You know something about the topic, but you want to know and understand more.
You have a question (or questions) about the topic that you hope to answer through research.
People who read your essay could reasonably disagree with your point of view. In other words, your main point—your thesis—is debatable.
As a Cal Poly student, you have not submitted an essay about the topic in another course.
You can find credible sources that address the topic.
The topic is NOT related to abortion, capital punishment, or compensation for college athletes.
To find something to which you indeed have a personal connection, think about things you could tell a personal anecdote about or make a personal observation about. Such anecdotes and observations can lead you to explore issues and move you toward additional questions you would ask to investigate your subject matter further. A few examples of such anecdotes or observations:
I struggled taking the SAT. The time crunch was awful.
A kid in my high school was killed by a drunk driver, one who was repeat offender.
The players on the football team got to register for classes before I did, and that bugged me.
I hate my major. I was required to choose one, and my choice was totally random.
My friend struggled with anorexia, and I feel like there’s got to be a better way to intervene.
According to certain standards, most of my friends are binge drinkers. It seems way too normal somehow.
I’m on social media all the time.
I’ve given up on recycling.
I got pulled over by a cop and he let me off with a warning.
I got pulled over by a cop and I literally feared for my life.
We couldn’t get fireworks for July 4th. They were illegal.
Sometimes ads for products appear on my phone not long after I mention the product in conversation. It’s creepy.
Once you’ve determined your subject matter, your research can begin.
Due date: Tuesday, December 7th by 6 pm.
Submit the final draft of your essay in standard MLA format, as a .doc, .docx, or .pdf file.
Final drafts should be 1400-1600 words and should reference at least five credible sources.
All sources should be cited on a Works Cited page that follows your prose text.
(The final word count does not include words on the Works Cited page.)
Follow MLA guidelines for documentation and citation.
A = Superior attainment
Common characteristics of an essay receiving a grade within the “A” range:
✔ The essay establishes a clear, narrow, debatable thesis claim.
✔ The essay’s title contributes to the establishment of a clear focus.
✔ Subject matter of the essay clearly falls within the parameters of the assignment prompt.
✔ The essay is logically organized and avoids unnecessary repetition.
✔ Paragraphs are consistently unified and coherent.
✔ Transitions between paragraphs are seamless.
✔ The essay offers clear and insightful reasons in support in support of its argument.
✔ Reasons offered are supported by evidence.
✔ Counterarguments are acknowledged and addressed thoughtfully and respectfully.
✔ Length requirement for the essay is met or exceeded.
✔ The essay features precise language that expresses complex ideas clearly.
✔ The essay does not simply restate the arguments others have already advanced. Instead, it strives to offer original insight, perspective, and analysis.
✔ In-text parenthetical citations are seamlessly integrated to indicate summarized, paraphrased, and quoted source material.
✔ The essay includes a properly formatted Works Cited page that corresponds to source citations in the body of the essay. At least five credible sources are referenced.
✔ The essay’s closing avoids mere summary of points or ideas already addressed.
✔ The essay contains very few or no errors of spelling, grammar, paragraphing, or manuscriipt format.

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