This is a media review assignment. It involves finding and reviewing 5 articles

This is a media review assignment. It involves finding and reviewing 5 articles or videos on exceptionalities, and writing 2 paragraphs on each. Please follow the instructions for the paragraphs closely. You will need to take at least 3 of the articles from the Wilmington University Library my user name is and my password is General1438$ for accessing the library. Details are below: In Week 7 you will submit your final project: the Real World Media Review. For this assignment, you will compile 5 articles or videos from the widespread media that address children with exceptionalities. When selecting your articles, try to choose articles that have meaning to you so you can personally connect with the material and be more likely to use it in your life and in your career. A great place to find your articles would be the WilmU Online Library. If you go to the Wilmington University homepage, towards the top left corner you’ll see the Library link. After you click on that, you’ll see three boxes with green banners. The first one is titled Research. Within that box, click on Find Articles and More. Then, you can enter keywords to find scholarly articles. At least 3 of your articles/videos should come from the WilmU Library. For the other 2, you may include a news/magazine article or a video (such as a TED Talk or something from Films On Demand (Links to an external site.)). All 5 of your selections should be from within the last 10 years. One article must be related to Trauma Informed Approaches. For each article that you select you are going to write two paragraphs. The first paragraph should be a summary of the article. The paragraph should include the title of the article (you’d be surprised how many students don’t include the title in the summary paragraph). This paragraph should include citations from the article. The citations should help you summarize the key points of the article. The second paragraph should describe how the article relates to a course concept. What is a course concept? A course concept could be any of the concepts that we covered in this class, for example: RTI, twice exceptional, giftedness, autism, IDEA, early intervention (there are many more). For this paragraph, you should include citations from the textbook (or other course resources). The citations should help support the connections you are making between the article and the course concept you are discussing. Please cite your resources in APA, including the full web address of the article. This also means your paper must be typed, double-spaced, include a title page, have a running head/page numbers, and use a 12pt Serif font.

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