This is a 3 – 5 page analysis of a film of the student’s choosing. The first 3

This is a 3 – 5 page analysis of a film of the student’s choosing. The first 3 chapters of the text as well as the guidelines and sample papers, should give the student an indication of what is to be expected in these papers. Students should pay close attention to how the text’s authors analyze scenes from the film JUNO to provide insight on how cinematic language is used to tell the story. Students are highly encouraged to research what critics and scholars have had to say about specific films to give them a clearer understanding of that film, but please be sure to cite sources you may use in your paper. NEVER USE THE TEXTBOOK AS A SOURCE FOR YOUR PAPERS. Papers are to be submitted in a MLA format, but students should contact the instructor about any other format they might prefer.
Writing About Dramas
Most films that deal with serious subject matter ( like A BEAUTIFUL MIND, or SCHINDLER’S LIST) are best analyzed using a persuasive argument format. The first part of the paper should clearly state what theme or themes are presented in the film and then the writer should proceed to support that assessment by writing about how the film maker used cinematic language ( camera work, lighting, production design, sound, symbolism etc.) to present these ideas.
Writing About Genre:
Films that tend to be formulaic in nature ( horror, gangster, western, sci-fi etc.) are best analyzed using a comparison and contrast approach. Students should write about how this particular film either follows the set conventions ( see chapter 3 for specifics about each genre’s conventions) of its genre or how it may deviate from them.
Whatever film the student may choose to write about, they should always give credit to the people who made the film. The names, of the director, writers, cinematographer, actors of note and any other artist ( like the costume designer or special effects coordinator) the student may wish to single out for analysis, should be mentioned.

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