This first assignment aims to help you to relate some of the theoretical ideas i

This first assignment aims to help you to relate some of the theoretical ideas in Section 2 to a practical situation in your own context.This assignment is divided into three parts though the assignment is graded as a whole. If it will help you to do so, include each part number as a heading, but you are not obliged to do so.Specified article
Heikka, J., Waniganayake, M. and Hujala, E. (2012) ‘Contextualizing Distributed Leadership Within Early Childhood Education: Current Understandings, Research Evidence and future Challenges’, Educational Management Administration & Leadership vol. 41, no.1, pp. 30–44.Use this article for Activity 5.1.1 and the associated activities in your tutor group forum discussions in Section 2, and for Part 1 of TMA 01.Part 1
(500 words)Drawing on your study of the module so far and at least three posts from your tutor group forum discussions in Section 2 (at least one of which must have been posted by you), write a critical analysis of the key idea/argument in the specified article (Heikka et al., 2012).Part 2
(250 words)Focus on leadership in your organisation. Think of a change that you led, or something that you were part of, but which was led by someone else.Briefly describe the activity, making it clear who was leading it, and using concrete examples.Part 3
(750 words)Critically evaluate the practical leadership activity that you have described in Part 2, using at least one perspective on leadership (transactional, transformational, distributed, democratic).Your evaluation should include consideration of what you did or what was done, why you did it or why it was done, and how effective it was. You should refer to at least three readings from Section 2.Personal Thoughts: I was thinking of going into the direction that this article does not properly outline the necessity for specific educational leadership research in this article. Not sure if that’s what we could go off of.
I can provide more tutor group forum posts if necessary. My post is included in the PDF I sent.
I have also provided the some articles that were read during the module which should be cited where appropriate, along with additional sources.
The assessment asks for a background story. You may make something up. I am a student in my 20s and a trained teacher from Switzerland. I have previously thought all stages of primary and worked at a private boarding school in the UK for half a year.

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