This discussion is based on the assigned textbook reading from Lally & Valentine

This discussion is based on the assigned textbook reading from Lally & Valentine-French (2017) and unit presentations. Before contributing to the discussion, review the required reading and unit course activities.
Required reading is attach below
Please provide thorough and well-developed answers for your initial post. Be sure to support your postings with specific references to the assigned readings, as well as any other relevant scholarly research you find appropriate. Provide some examples from the required text and/or an external scholarly source. You may add information from your own experiences to complement the scholarly information presented. The best initial posts are a combination of personal experience with academic support. In-text citations and references are required.
Consider this scenario: Joel and Becky are expecting their first child. They approach you, a new nurse, with questions about the pregnancy. You advise them that you can only provide information as their friend (not in a nurse capacity) and encourage them to talk to their provider. You then advise that you do have some basic information you can provide to their questions.
Provide answers that you would give about the following:
Joel’s eyes are blue and Becky’s eyes are brown. They ask you how does dominant and recessive inheritance influence eye color. What color are their child’s eyes most likely to be, or do you need more information to answer this question? (USLO 1.1).
They ask you if there are other methods for delivery besides the traditional hospital methods. Select one method and provide a response you would give to the couple

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