This complex assignment is divided into three sections, but should be compiled i

This complex assignment is divided into three sections, but should be compiled into one document for to submission. Each section should be completed using the titles given below and the document should be presented following APA formatting guidelines. Note that you are not completing a full literature review, but going through the process of finding resources, making a plan, and writing a sample of what would be in a complete literature review. Part 1: Find sources for the literature review You are looking to find about 20 good sources of information regarding the topic that you have chosen and specifically connected to the questions that you are considering answering. This will give you a good foundation for reviewing the literature surrounding your topic. Remember that the better the source (i.e., the more scholarly, the more current, the more credible, etc.) the easier it will be to produce a quality review of literature. As you find your sources add them to your list of references, and remember to cite them in APA format so that the page is ready to go when it is time to add it to your review. Write at least five key search terms and phrases for your topic of choice. Remember to start narrow and end up broad. Include as many key search terms and phrases as you possibly can. Try different search engines, and look for: articles, books, presentations, Internet sources, and even digital media. Remember to look for the references or bibliographies of all good sources to find theirs! Resources should be in APA format. Part 2: Create an outline or a literature map with your 20 sources Scan/read your 20 articles. Determine a main topic for the article. Think about how those topics/subtopics fit your question and how they would fit together. Create a map or outline showing your topics and subtopics with the author and dates. A literature map is a visual of the topics and sources that you have found. Creating a literature map is a little like creating an outline, however, it allows you a visual to see how your topics and sources fit together. Remember that the more detailed you are with your outline/map, the easier it will be for you to actually write your review of the literature. You should also think about how you will use your sources and in which order you will put them in the review. An outline and/or literature map will allow you to see a good order for your articles. Part 3: Write a section of your literature review Now that you have completed your outline you should be ready to begin to write a section of your literature review. This part of the assignment should be one continuous passage where you will review the literature that you have researched surrounding your particular question. Select any section of your plan and write an abridged part of your literature review. This section should be a minimum of 1000 words and must involve at least 5 of the resources that you have developed in your references. Your paper should be double-spaced and presented in APA format. There are a number of online resources that you can use to ensure that your paper is formatted correctly. Research Question: How has COVID -19 affected the employment status of individuals living with intellectual and developmental disabilities?

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