This competency assessment assesses the following Outcome: MT302M4-4: Apply team

This competency assessment assesses the following Outcome:
MT302M4-4: Apply teamwork concepts to an organizational problem.
PC-1.2: Contribute to team goals and objectives through active participation and collaboration.
motivation, groups, and teams.
Applying Teamwork
Scenario (fictional):
Alternative Energy and Security (AE&S) Inc. is a very profitable, relatively new company. Although in business just three years, it has already doubled the size of its workforce and quadrupled its profits. The CEO/founder has stepped aside recently in favor of a new CEO in the wake of employees’ frustration and social media messages about the benefits inequity and lack of motivation for teams at the company. The new CEO wants to change how worker salaries are determined and find ways to motivate the project teams. The project teams typically are assigned to create and launch and then maintain a new energy or security product, such as a security robot that performs routine tasks at a plant or in an office environment or a new type of solar panel.
The new CEO tasks your five-person employee team with determining a general proposed solution to the inequity in pay/benefits at the company and to address the current lack of motivation for some of the employees. There are 125 employees, including seven executives/managers and 118 services and development personnel (of which 60 are software technicians) who work in project teams as assigned. Each software technician receives $120,000 per year. The customer service and all other full-time staff, including marketing personnel, receive 38,000 per year with the exceptions of the energy salespeople who make $50,000 per year, and the security salespeople who make $40,500 per year. The executives, including the CEO and two vice presidents (VPs of manufacturing and finance), receive $700,000 per year. The software engineering manager, sales/marketing manager, customer service manager (your role in this scenario), and installation services manager each receive $70,000 per year.
Your five-person scenario team consists of a software engineer, two salespersons, the installation manager, and you as the customer service manager.
Review your team’s input that’s attached.
1. Describe the problems based on the scenario.
2. Describe the overall goal(s) and objectives of your assigned team.
3. Describe the tasks necessary to successfully respond to the new CEO, allocating tasks for each member.
4. Provide a proposed overall salary/benefits solution and provide your team’s reasoning. Support the solution with a short citation from two scholarly* articles (citations and references in APA format).
5. Apply at least two teamwork concepts and at least six team process steps  for improving the company project team effectiveness and motivation at AE&S Inc. to address the assigned response to the CEO.
6. Explain how you, in the role of a team member, contributed to the employees’ team success to address the CEO’s concerns.
This assessment should be an 8-slide PowerPoint (4–5 bulleted points per slide) with additional title and reference slides, in 24-point font, with either:
Present a Presentation without audio but with speaker notes below each slide.
Refers: Organizational behavior
Chapter 8: “Motivation: From Concepts to Applications,” which addresses motivation theories and how designing jobs using motivation concepts and using benefits and rewards can impact employee involvement and performance.
Chapter 9: “Foundations of Group Behavior,” which covers stages of group development and group norms and roles, as well as group decision-making.
Chapter 10: “Understanding Work Teams.” This chapter examines the different types of teams and how to create effective work teams.
Robbins, S. P., & Judge, T. A. (2019). Organizational behavior (18th ed.). Pearson.planations of the bulleted points should be placed below each slide in the notes section. The bulleted points should be explained in the audio and notes and be audible, intelligible, and professional.
Provide additional title and reference slides, and be sure to check your presentation for correct spelling and grammar.
The presentation should be titled M4Team_Assessment and be submitted to the competency assessment Dropbox.
Disclaimer: The organization and characters depicted in this exercise are fictional. Any resemblance to real organizations or individuals is purely coincidental.

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