thesis question to answer in your intro What positive influence has your artis

thesis question to answer in your intro
What positive influence has your artist had on art? Who had influenced their art? ( this is the project I chose)
Paragraphs 2-3 A general background of the artist you researched-their life basic history, and where do they show their work: what locations, venues etc.
Paragraph 4: What is the artist’s style
Paragraph 5: Who influenced their style (what artists, or other things in life)
Paragraph 6: What is the message of the artist, are they trying to have their audience think or feel something?
Paragraphs 7-10 What is the piece you researched or pieces? (depends on which project you did as to length here) If you have multiple pieces please discuss a few pieces (Feldman’s Four areas of Art Criticism) descriiption, analysis, and then their meaning (Interpret), effectiveness- please look through the lens of principles and what elements support it. For Example mention Movement before Color and then how do the elements support movement.
Paragraph closing 11: Your personal reflection either on the artists and their style/ positive influence/ social message. (This is for those not making an art piece) (If you are making a piece you can skip paragraph 11) Go back to your intro and close out or reaffirm what you said
• Please use at least 4 quotes throughout your work, and cite
• Must have a resource page
• Points for the paper 350 points
• In order to earn the full points: you must have 5 sentences per paragraph
• Spell check needs to be run
• Paper must be printed
• On time for full points
• First and last name
• Artist’s full name, medium, and title of the work or works shown.
• Each paragraph should follow the outline or close to it so for ease of grading.
• Must have at least 3 resources: a web page with biography, and 2 articles will count if they are contemporary

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