The resources you identify through the Annotated Bibliography will be used to en

The resources you identify through the Annotated Bibliography will be used to enhance your knowledge of the topic area you have selected for the Final Paper due in Week 5. Each resource must address at least one of the topics listed below. Further, each of these topics must be addressed at least once within your five selected resources.
Final Paper Topic:
Terrorism or criminal act. There is considerable debate on whether an event should be labeled a terrorist attack or if it is just a criminal act by a disturbed individual. With the lone wolf attacks in England, France, and the U.S., the lines between criminal and terrorist are blurred. Max Fisher’s article “Terrorist or Disturbed Loner? The Contentious Politics of a Label (Links to an external site.)” (2017) lays out several interesting arguments that can be traced back to defining terrorism and how we respond to events. Read the article and open and review the readers’ comments to better understand the issues surrounding labeling an incident as either a terrorist act or a criminal act.
The resources you identify for this assignment should
Summarize various strategies the U.S. can use to respond to or prevent terrorist attacks by your chosen group.
Review the effectiveness of each of the following potential responses as it pertains to your chosen group and scenario:
Normal police response to criminal action.
More comprehensive socioeconomic strategies.
Military action.
Appraise if additional police powers or legislative measures are needed by the federal government to protect the country from terrorist threats.
Evaluate if increasing governmental powers to enhance security is worth the potential erosion of civil liberties.
For this Annotated Bibliography assignment, you will use a minimum of six scholarly and/or credible resources, three of which must come from the UAGC Library. (Credible resources exclude popular news sources like Newsweek, Time, People, New York Times, and any television news source and online open sourced materials like Wikipedia.)
In your bibliography,
Create a complete APA-formatted citation for each source as outlined in the UAGC Writing Center (Links to an external site.).
Create an annotation of 100 to 150 words per source that summarizes the information provided in the article.
Construct each annotation with the following information:
The author(s)
The purpose of the article (e.g., An experimental study was completed investigating the interaction of short-term memory and attention.)
A description of the subjects of the article.
Conclusions drawn from the article
Contributions to the literature (e.g., new findings, applications, etc.).
The relevance to the Final Paper

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