The purpose of this paper is for you to evaluate an application of Hickey’s trau

The purpose of this paper is for you to evaluate an application of Hickey’s trauma-control model (2016: 148-151) to your serial killer Lee Roy Martin. You also must incorporate the McDonald Triad (2016: 135-147) as part of your analysis. This assignment is designed for students to explore possible reasons or factors that explain why the perpetrator engages in serial killing, as well as their unique pattern of killing. In part, you will assess how well the model applies to the type of serial killer, analyzing points of convergence and divergence. You are expected to draw information from your specific case. Finally, you will be expected to discuss ways that the model could be modified or elaborated to account for the unique circumstances and motivations of your serial killer. 
You should structure your research paper as follow: (1) a brief introduction, highlighting general information about your serial killer (including type of serial killer), his or her victims, conviction/sentencing outcomes, etc., (2) a brief summary of Hickey’s trauma-control model including its various components, (3) an integrated analysis where each component of the model is further detailed and then illustrated with respect to your serial killer, and (4) a discussion and conclusion section that assesses the degree to which the model fits your serial killer, making sure that you note points of convergence and divergence.  Feel free to include a causal diagram, depicting the trauma-control model as it fits your killer.
Your paper must be 5 to 6 pages (excluding title page and references), typed, double-spaced, 1-inch margins around, and 12 pt. Times New Roman font. You are expected to use at least five (5) references drawn from both popular and academic sources as part of your analysis.  Please follow the APA citation style format for your paper. Upload your paper to the Research Paper folder in the Assignments menu in iCollege. This assignment is worth 100 points

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