The purpose of this essay is for you to use the knowledge you have acquired this

The purpose of this essay is for you to use the knowledge you have acquired this semester in order to critically evaluate an archaeological site report and make recommendations for further field work or post-excavation analysis of the site that you choose and its finds.<br />Instructions:<br />i) Choose an archaeological site report from the list below or one that you find yourself AND is approved in advance by Dr. Routledge<br /><br />ii) Describe where the site is located and its primary cultural and chronological component<br /><br />iii) Summarise and critically* evaluate the research goals of the excavation project. If these goals are not obvious in the report then you should discuss this in your critical evaluation.<br /><br />iv) Discuss any limitations imposed on the excavation project (time limits, poor site preservation, government restrictions, conservation needs, commercial site develop context).<br /><br />v) Summarise how the site was excavated and documented, referring to the terms, concepts and methods that you have learned this<br /><br />vi) Critically*evaluate how the site was excavated and documented.<br /><br />vii) Summarise any post-excavation analysis that was carried out on artefacts, features, ecofacts and sediments and the primary conclusions of those excavations. This includes samples taken for archaeometric dating purposes.<br /><br />viii) How successfully are the projects stated research goals realised? Provide an overall critical* evaluation of the site report.<br /><br />ix) What provisions were made for site protection? Conservation and development? Community engagement?<br /><br />x) Consider what further work might be done at the site or in the analysis of the finds from the site. Be specific in terms of the methods you are suggesting. Justify your choice of methods and support your suggestions with bibliographic references.<br /><br />*note: critical does not mean only saying what is wrong – it means a careful, evidence-based, approach to evaluating both positive and negative aspects of what you are examining. In this essay I would expect your critical evaluation to include references to bibliographic sources beyond the site report you are evaluating.<br /><br />my chosen site: Bronze Age, Netherlands<br /><br /><br /><br />Here you can also find a book called Death Revisited – The excavation of three Bronze Age barrows and surrounding landscape at Apeldoorn-Wieselseweg (I tried attaching it as a pdf but it wouldn’t accept)<br />

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