The paper must be college level work. It must have a title page, an introduction

The paper must be college level work. It must have a title page, an introduction, a body, a conclusion, and a bibliography. The body of the paper must be 1500-2000 words in length (not including the cover, introduction, conclusion, citations, bibliography, etc.). It must be double-spaced and justified (re: block paragraphs). The margins must be set at 1”. The font must be Times New Roman and it should be no larger than 12 point. When quoting a source, there should be either footnotes or end-notes. There should be few, if any grammatical or typographical errors. And, there should be no spelling mistakes.

I would like to see a minimum of five sources cited for your paper. These can include books, journals, and newspaper or m agazine articles. You shall not use personal web sites or Wikipedia as a source, simply because the validity of many web sites, including Wiki, are questionable at best. The exception to this preference would be if the web site contains the actual text of the source that you have selected.
For example, the National Archives and Records Administration’s web site has the actual text of the Declaration of Independence posted. In cases such as this, you would cite the Declaration as your source and the url where it can be found.

Remember: anything, anything, anything that is not your original work must be cited. This is true whether you directly quote or paraphrase for a source. Every sentence that contains information that is common knowledge (ex: the Sun is yellow) must be cited. You should never be afraid of citing your sources. After all, you ARE NOT AN EXPERT on the subject matter on which you are researching. As a general rule, it is always better to have too many citations than not enough. FYI: a 6-8 page research paper should have on average between 25-40 footnotes. Anything less means either a) you are making things up, or b) you are committing acts of plagiarism.
You must use the Chicago Method of citation for this assignment, which is the preferred method of citation for Academia.

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