The initial post

The initial post
How do you think GPU companies (Nvidia and AMD) responded to this increase in demand over time? 
How do the stock prices of these two companies today compare to what they were at the beginning of 2016?  Cite your sources.
If you were the CEO of either of these companies (or, more realistically, a shareholder and investor) how would you think about the long-term demand of the GPU market? Are cryptocurrencies just a hype? 
After the inital post is submitted, I will send the two discussion post I am supposed to reply to. The following questions must be answered on the replies. (Due 2/1/2022)
How do you agree or disagree with their assessment of the future of cryptocurrencies? 
Based on their stock price change since 2016, how much money would you have now if you had invested $1,000 back in 2016?  Explain how you arrived at your answer.

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