The Framers created a system that protected empowered political minorities from

The Framers created a system that protected empowered political minorities from majority tyranny—in order to prevent the majority from limiting the rights of the minority. This is accomplished by creating institutions that share power in order to make it difficult to change policy. This outlook assumes that the minorities that need protection are those that have power or resources. Minorities today, however, are often disadvantaged and lack these resources, which makes it difficult for them to achieve their policy goals-especially those that enhance the equality of group members. Building on this idea, Tyranny of the Minority offers an explanation for how, and under what circumstances, members of minority groups can obtain their policy goals. Drawing on course readings and class lectures, please write an approximately 5-6 page essay that answers the following question(s):
Can disadvantaged minority groups in the United States get the policy they want in the face of both majority opposition and an institutional design that seeks to thwart change? Does Subconstituency Politics Theory provide a strategy for these disadvantaged minorities—those lacking power and resources—to overcome the hurdles that the Constitution (i.e., Madisonian democracy) erects? If so, under what conditions? If not, why not? In answering be sure to explain subconstituency politics theory and identify at least three specific institutional and /or policy hurdles that make it difficult for disadvantaged minority groups to obtain their policy goals. Use those as building blocks for explaining how and under what circumstances disadvantaged minority groups can prevail in American politics.
The paper must be submitted electronically through ilearn via Safe Assignment to your TA who will post a link on the section website. Papers should be written using 12pt Times New Roman font, should be double-spaced, and have margins no larger than 1.25”. You should also include a works cited page. Unless your TA directs you otherwise, you are free to use any citation style you want but should be consistent throughout the paper. Grades will be based on addressing the prompt and showing knowledge of course materials, the originality and thoughtfulness of the arguments as well as mechanics (e.g., spelling, grammar, organization, and clarity of the writing). USE THIS BOOK AS A REFERENCE
Bishin, Benjamin G. 2009. Tyranny of the Minority. Philadelphia: Temple University Press

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