The final paper assignment requires students to research and to write on a topic

The final paper assignment requires students to research and to write on a topic of interest related to Latin America. Students should select a country and a specific issue of concern. The final paper should summarize academic research that has been published on the chosen topic.
Here are some examples of paper topics:
Democratization in Mexico
Corruption in Brazil
Revolution in Cuba
Clientelism in Argentina
Social movements in Bolivia
Violence in Colombia
Development in Costa Rica
To locate scholarly sources, students should use CNM Libraries’ databases and browse through these suggested sources.
The final paper should summarize the research presented in at least three scholarly articles. You are also encouraged to draw from news reports; however, news articles are to augment–not replace–academic sources.
When writing your paper and summarizing published research findings, try to address some of the following questions:
How is your chosen topic defined? Why is it important?
What are the determinants or causes of your chosen social issue?
What social groups and institutions are involved?
What is the history of this issue in the chosen country?
What are some of the effects or consequences of this issue?
Any other pertinent or interesting information that you come across.
The final paper should be five to ten pages (double-spaced, one-inch margins, twelve-point font); around 1,500 to 3,000 words.
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