The film that needs to be discussed is Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, with a fo

The film that needs to be discussed is Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, with a focus on how class impacts the film. attached are the rubric and the only sources able to be used (other than the film itself).
The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate your ability to synthesize the information throughout the semester and apply it to a film NOT seen for class. For this paper you will take an outside film approved by your instructor and analyze it according to ONE lens (race, class, gender OR sexual orientation), using a minimum of three anthology articles to support your claims.
This paper is critically important to fulfilling many of your student credits (“Y” credit, Gordon Rule credit, 3000/4000-level course credit) required for graduation.
Failure to submit your paper has severe consequences. This paper is the basis for earning the “Y” credit and Gordon Rule credit. Without this assignment, you cannot earn these credits, regardless of any other work completed for the class. To receive credit, the paper must earn at least a C-.
Your paper will be primarily graded on three criteria: 1) the clarity and conciseness of your writing; 2) proper use of the sources in your paper; and, 3) the ability to identify an issue of race, class, gender and/or sexuality presented in the film and synthesize the arguments as appropriate to the topic of your paper.
More information may be found on the following pages. Please read them carefully. The Grading Rubric explains the criteria for grading your paper and provides a check list. The Assignment explains the purpose and mechanics of the paper assignment.
In addition, please adhere to the following formatting:
Papers must be at least 1,500 words
The word limit does not include Works Cited page, footnotes, endnotes or header
Provide citations for anything you cite (Chicago or MLA style)
Do not use any sources that are not in your Anthology or the Belton textbook
No internet sources are allowed
Papers will be typed, double-spaced, in a 12-point font, and have 1 inch margins
Please feel free to schedule a Zoom appointment with me to discuss your film and topic.
If you are unsure as to how your film represents race, class, gender, or sexuality, ask. But remember: just because the film does not directly address a subject DOES NOT mean it doesn’t represent that subject. The Pixar film Cars, for example, has no actual men or women characters, yet it does address gender issues. All of the cars have a gender though they may not have a sex. Similarly, it also addresses race issues. Two ways to look at race: 1) look at the very few number of cars that do not exhibit typical “white” characteristics and see how they are represented; or 2) look at the lack of additional races and draw a conclusion. Remember you are looking at representation NOT reality. Therefore, you must draw conclusions about symbols of race, class, gender, and sexuality. Rarely will you discuss what the film directly states about these issues. You need to view the film multiple times to do this effectively.
If you turned in a Working Thesis, Outline and Bibliography, it should have been returned with comments to help direct you.
The best papers/essays usually focus on only one multicultural aspect or major point (race, class, gender or sexuality).
You must include a works cited page (Chicago or MLA format).
Penalties apply for late papers.
Essay Requirements and Expectations
Below is some general information and then several documents to review.
Write only in present tense.
Double space your paper.
Use character names when discussing character actions and actor names to discuss actor actions (Johnny Depp acts well, Captain Jack Sparrow seems crazy to all who view him.)
Always cite author ideas as well as quotations.
ALWAYS include a works cited page.
Italicize all film titles.
You will be docked points for every day it is late. All essays will be submitted through Turnitin to check for plagiarism, so don’t forget to cite your work where necessary.
Since each short essay is only 500-750 words, (1500 for the Capstone paper) I expect most of the writing to be your own. However, a Works Cited page is REQUIRED. You must cite all sources, including Belton, the required articles, and the movie. (A sample of each of is available at the top of this sheet. Refer to MLA link for further reference).
No Sources are allowed other than those assigned for the course.
If you do not meet the minimum word requirement, the highest possible grade is the percentage of your word count. (For example, if the minimum is 500 and you write 400 the highest grade you could get – if the paper was perfect – would be 80%).
IMPORTANT!!! Automatic “D” papers (60 points) lack incorporation of at least Two (2) SEPARATE Anthology articles. Automatic “C” papers (70 points) lack a clear thesis.
General Definition of Essay Grades
A – The paper demonstrates near-perfection in following all guidelines and instructions. It has very few, if any, minor grammatical and/or spelling errors. The writing is clear and tightly controlled, contains a clearly stated thesis (argument) supported by scholarly evidence and concluding paragraph (i.e., a logical narrative structure). The assignment has been fulfilled and the word count is within the outlined parameters.
B – The paper fails to follow a few guidelines and instructions. It has some grammatical errors and there are some lapses in spelling. The writing is, at times, conversational and there are some problems concerning proper format and convention. The assignment has been fulfilled and the word count is within the outlined parameters.
C – The paper fails to follow several guidelines and instructions. It has frequent spelling and grammatical errors. The writing is confused and lacks a narrative structure, or may be overly conversational. The assignment has only been partially fulfilled and the word count may be above or below the assigned parameters. The assignment was not completed in the time allotted.
D – The paper has major breakdowns due to errors related to grammar and spelling. The writing is conversational at best, and often has incorrect wording and is poorly structured. The assignment is not fulfilled and the word count is below the assigned parameters. The assignment was not completed in the time allotted.
F – The paper is almost unintelligible due to very poor grammar and spelling. The assignment is not fulfilled and the word count is far below the assigned parameters. The assignment is significantly late or incomplete.

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