The essay will be part of my annual assessment. The essay is written by me (howe

The essay will be part of my annual assessment. The essay is written by me (however, I am currently sick and cannot finalise it).
The main criteria of the essay:
1. There is evidence of personal input and initiative in the designing, implementation or presentation of the investigation.
2. The background information provided for the investigation is entirely appropriate and relevant and enhances the understanding of the context of the investigation.
3. The report includes sufficient relevant quantitative and qualitative raw data that could support a detailed and valid conclusion to the research question.
Appropriate and sufficient data processing is carried out with the accuracy required to enable a conclusion to the research question to be drawn that is fully consistent with the experimental data.
The report shows evidence of full and appropriate consideration of the impact of measurement uncertainty on the analysis.
4. A detailed conclusion is described and justified which is entirely relevant to the research question and fully supported by the data presented.
A conclusion is correctly described and justified through relevant comparison to the accepted scientific context
5. The presentation of the investigation is clear. Any errors do not hamper understanding of the focus, process and outcomes.
The report is well structured and clear: the necessary information on focus, process and outcomes is present and presented in a coherent way.

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