The Brief Using your assigned brand this assignment builds from the presentation

The Brief
Using your assigned brand this assignment builds from the presentation. Therefore using your previous
knowledge, you will produce an Individual Illustrated Narrative and annotated bibliography that
shows how your brand has impacted on the contemporary world of fashion marketing and branding in
the context of image or visual communication.
Illustrated Narrative (2,400 words)
You will examine how your brand utilises visuals as a marketing tool. You will show how visuals have
contributed to brand heritage, DNA and brand identity through semiotic analysis of key brand visuals and
campaigns or specific adverts. You may wish to include any semiotic theories and any applicable
marketing models to support your examination of how your brand uses visuals to connect with
consumers and engage in broader cultural conversations such as Inclusivity or Sustainability. You may
wish to compare your brand’s use of visuals to others.
You should also include a brief literature review of existing research and academic writing on your brand
to support and/or counteract the examination of your brand’s visual communication. The literature review
can have a section of its own or be woven through your narrative as a whole.
Your narrative should be no more than 2,400 words
Within your Visual Narrative, you should consider including the following to structure your assignment:
• An introduction to your Narrative
• A brief overview/history of the brand
• Literature Review (if it is not woven through your narrative)
• Discussion of key marketing campaigns and imagery from your brand
• Discussion about key marketing campaigns and imagery from a competitor brand
• Examination on your brands historical and contemporary stance on sustainability, diversity and
technology through visual communication.
• Conclusion
• Annotated Bibliography
• References
• Image References
• Bibliography
Annotated Bibliography (600 words)
The visual narrative is accompanied by an Annotated Bibliography in NTU’s Harvard style to illustrate
the value of sources used and demonstrate an understanding of the importance of Academic
referencing. An annotated bibliography is a bibliography where you write a short summary about the
source, explaining what you have learnt from it. The purpose of annotations is to provide the reader with a summary and an evaluation of each source. Each summary should be a concise and explain the sources
central idea(s) and a general idea of the source’s content
You should ensure that your annotations include at least 6 key visual sources as well as 6 key written

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