The assignment is designed to allow you to develop your skills in combining data

The assignment is designed to allow you to develop your skills in combining data from multiple sources and bringing in ideas from literature. The data analysed may be used to inform your Situational Analysis so you are advised to consider what your chosen curriculum
area and student need are in advance, so that the data you select and analyse here are relevant to the final assignment.
Note – if you are submitting an assignment that is entirely composed of scanned images, Turnitin won’t accept it as the system must be able to recognise at least 20 written words. If this is the case, please add a sentence to the images to allow submission. Something
like this would be fine: “This sentence has been added to meet the Turnitin minimum requirements of 20 words in non-image formats. It does not form part of the actual work to be assessed”
Assignment instructions (taken from ‘Data Handling 5: Triangulation’ – week 10)
Select two sources of data from your school context that relate to a single topic. These could be from tasks previously carried out for this module, or you may choose new sources if you prefer. If you choose school data that is relevant to your final assignment you
can use this analysis as part of your submission at the end of the module, if you wish.
Analyse each source; if you have previously analysed them for Skills development tasks 3 or 4 you may wish to revisit/extend the analysis in the light of the reading in this topic.
Read at least two recent sources trom the literature that are relevant to the tonic and to the issues that come through in vour analvsis.
Combine the two sources and your reading to produce a short written analysis of the data, using the content of this topic to guide your approach. You may choose to include a diagram but this is not required. Note the issues you want to investigate further and
possible follow up data collection methods for these.
Upload the analysis of the two data sources, references for your two literature sources, your written analysis and a list of issues for follow up with possible data collection methods.
This material should be combined into a single document for uploading. It can take any format; formal referencing is not required (other than for your two literature sources) but please credit sources as necessary to ensure you avoid plagiarism. Bullet points or hand
written notes are acceptable. Please ensure that any scanned images are large enough that the text is clearly legible on screen.
This task is equivalent to an academic assignment of 300 words – the emphasis is not on length but on the quality of your thinking

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