Target is a brick and mortar retail store that has been working to be more invol

Target is a brick and mortar retail store that has been working to be more involved in same day services. Before the pandemic, they introduced options for shoppers to drive up to pick up orders or to have orders delivered. But this service was slow to take off. When the pandemic hit, the same day services increased giving rise to the same day services. Guests would opt to order items through their website and pull into the parking lot for a member to bring the items out to the car.
Target has begun to focus on these services. They are working to include more fresh, frozen and refrigerated foods. They have even begun to offer adult beverages in certain areas where that is legal. They have made changes to their app, giving guests the ability to alert the store that they are there to pick up. The guest can also inform the member where to put the items in the car and also alert them to any change in who may be picking up the order.
Target’s innovation for same day services is incremental. They followed their competitors with this service. And based on their initial service, Target is working to enhance the service. This is process related. They are implementing new techniques with hopes that the quality of service will increase and attract more guests.
I think a simple add would be the ability to purchase items from their in store Starbucks locations. That would enhance the experience for the busy guests. They can stop at Target to pick up their order plus get their favorite coffee drink.
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