SWOT Paper


SWOT stands for Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threats. While the SWOT paper could be seen as a subjective assignment, it is actually a reflective research assignment. Your assignment is to reflect about your personal educational technology strengths and weaknesses. In addition, you are to reflect over the obstacles (threats) you encounter as you try to implement technology in your classroom. When addressing the threats you encounter be sure to think beyond time and money. Think of what threatens you, and your students, success as you work to integrate technology tools into your educational environment. When considering the opportunities section, think about what opportunities your school and or school district offers you to improve your technology skills or teaching with technology opportunities provided. 

Instructor Expectations:

It is my expectation that all students create writing reflections that refer to the weekly reading. As you consider the technology aspects of this assignment, I expect Georgia teachers to make connections to the provided readings, the Georgia K-12 Technology Plan, as well as the 3 Year Technology White Paper. The connection does not have to result in an analysis of the paper, just reflecting on the goals of the state and the county as well as the part you currently play, would like to play, or would like to enhance/change for the future. Giving details and making connections to your readings is critical in earning an exemplary score. However, I am looking for an essay type paper, not a full-blown article. Papers that earn full credit in all areas of the rubric are between four and six pages, not including the reference page.

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