? Students will create a digital presentation using a presentation tool of their

? Students will create a digital presentation using a presentation tool of their choosing (Prezi, PowerPoint, Key, ect..) in response to the assignment prompt. Prezi is a digital tool that students can use to create digital presentations, it is a free option for students and makes very professional presentations with a little learning curve. You may use it or seek out what you are most comfortable with. ? Students will use their preferred presentation tool, create the presentation, and then embed their presentations into the discussion forum. In order to do so, you can upload it to a cloud service (such as Google Drive) and add a public link to your discussion post. This way, you will not have problems with the size of the file. Instructions ? For those of you who choose to use Prezi, go to prezi.com, create a free account and go through a quick tutorial to learn the program. There is a slight learning curve to learn to adequately use the web tool. ? Title your presentation and embed it into a discussion post. Play around with blackboard to learn how to embed outside media. ? Each presentation must be posted on the due date by ?11:59PM?. ? Each presentation must have ?a minimum of 30 slides?, not including youtube videos. Feel free to exceed this number. Create as many slides as necessary. ? Each presentation must have a minimum of ?1 pertinent youtube video?. At least one slide must explain the relevance of your embedded youtube video to the larger theme. ? Students should work to make the most aesthetically pleasing presentation possible. Minimize ?unnecessary “? spins” and “rotations.” However, do show relationships between concepts, historical situations, etc. Take inspiration from the list of great presentations:?https://blog.prezi.com/presenting-the- 6-best-prezis-of-?2?0?1?5/ examples of topics from class to be used: Feminist Ethics & Evolutionary Ethics. Utilitarianism & Kantian Deontology. Virtue Ethics, Egoism, & Social Contract Theory. Divine Command Theory & Natural Law Theory Moral Relativism & Subjectivism

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